Answers to your most frequently asked questons.

- Mistress Pasha

I am located in the north Dallas area, but since my dungeon is mobile I can hold sessions virtually anywhere.  

The majority of my sessions occur where I park the Dungeon.  After you submit the booking request form, I will contact you to determine a specific location or give you the address for the session.

Yes, you can come to my location for a session.  I even offer a discount if I do not have to move the dungeon.

Review my website, especially the FAQ and Policies pages.  Fill out the booking request form and sent a $100 deposit to @D2DMP through Cash App or Venmo.  Upon receipt of your application and deposit I will confirm your session and send you the address.

This was one of the first things I researched when the idea of a mobile dungeon started percolating in my mind.   As it turns out, YES!  There are 1,000’s of RV parking friendly businesses throughout the country.  For example, Walmart is well known in the RV world for welcoming short-term, and even over night parking. 

There are even websites and mobile apps dedicated to providing up to date information regarding RV parking. 

Yes.  We will be parked in an authorized location where no one will disturb us, typically on the far edge of a large parking lot.  In addition, the dungeon door is locked and all windows are blacked out and covered by thick custom drapes.  

Of course!  The dungeon has two 15,000 BTU air conditioners and a 40,000 BTU central propane heater.  Your only discomfort will be caused by your Mistress.

Yes!  The dungeon is equipped with a private bathroom with a full-size shower, sink and toilet.  Soap, shampoo, towels, etc. are provided for your convenience.  

One of the reasons I built the mobile dungeon was to expand the number of clients I could reach, so there are several options available, including meeting at a mid-point location, or having me come all the way to you.  There is a charge for travel beyond a 30 mile radius, so complete my booking form to request a session and I will contact you to discuss.

I also schedule trips to various cities, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter and tell me your location to stay updated on my travel.