Face down, blindfolded, wrists and ankles restrained, on the plush milking table. Perhaps an anal hook tied to the collar around your neck. Let’s start out with a little gentle Flogging and then my long, sharp nails being drugged down the sides of your body and the insides of your thighs. Maybe I straddle your back and as I lean over you feel my soft blonde hair grazing your neck, as my nipples linger on your back. I wonder when I will do next…

Milking Table


No safe word needed. Just relax and enjoy!

- Mistress Pasha

A Sensual Domination Experience!

Soft bondage combined with sensual massage techniques allows you to relinquish control and reach new levels of relaxation and pleasure. 


Enjoy a full body sensual experience designed to take you to the edge of excitement, and beyond.  My custom Milking Table massage will leave you drained, yet fulfilled; relaxed, but refreshed; recharged and ready for life’s challenges.


Soft wrist and ankle cuffs hold you gently to the custom milking table, allowing you to let go and focus on receiving pleasure. 


Less domination and more relaxation creates an escape for your mind, body and soul. DOMassage provides a light BDSM introduction for those who aren’t ready for full BDSM play.

30 Minutes

$ 250
  • $100 deposit applied to session.

1 Hour

$ 400
  • $100 deposit applied to session.