Mobile Dungeon

“Introducing my full-size mobile dungeon. The first of it’s kind.”

– Mistress Pasha

The Dungeon

The Mobile Dungeon was conceived from a desire to create a place that was the most unique and thrilling kink play space possible for my subs to serve and worship me. I also wanted a way to reach a broader audience and to add a level of excitement never before achieved.  As form follows function, the concept of a dungeon on wheels was conceived.  After nearly 6 months labor, and much blood, sweat and tears, the Mobile Dungeon was born.  It is the perfect combination of  luxury, function and kink, on a mobile platform.   

From brick walls and concrete flooring to industrial fixtures and  leather bound furniture, meticulous attention was paid to every detail to give the look and feel of a real dungeon, but with a modern and classy flair.  The stunning star-light ceiling transforms you to another dimension, a dimension where your sole purpose is to server your superior Mistress.  

The Mobile Dungeon has over 300 square feet of play space containing custom built bondage devices; some of which you’re not likely to find anywhere else. No dungeon is complete without a St. Andrews cross, a spanking bench, a steel cage, and lots of whips and chains, but I tend to prefer the more unique devices, such as the handcrafted cock stomping table and my latest addition, the milking table.  I also built a custom stand for my Sybian, which of course has all the accessories and attachments.  There’s also a queen size bed with tie downs and a full wardrobe with various sizes of cross dressing clothes, complete with wigs, makeup, a full length mirror and all the things a sissy needs to explore their deepest fantasy. 

Being mobile doesn’t mean being short on amenities, as there is a private bathroom with a toilet, sink and a large shower.  There’s plenty of hot water to shower after a session as well.  I keep a fully stocked refrigerator, a microwave, and plenty of snacks for my multi-hour guests. Check out the pictures below and click Book Now when you’re ready to request a session.